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Another visualisation of 118 Years of US Weather Data

I posted yesterday about weather data sourced from NOAA to look at how hot this March was compared to previous years and used a couple heat maps in R to look at how temperatures compared based on using the rank of each year for each state (so if, say this March in Florida was the … Continue reading

Visualising the Path of a Genetic Algorithm

We quite regularly use genetic algorithms to optimise over the ad-hoc functions we develop when trying to solve problems in applied mathematics. However it’s a bit disconcerting to have your algorithm roam through a high dimensional solution space while not being able to picture what it’s doing or how close one solution is to another. … Continue reading

118 years of US State Weather Data

A recent post on the Junkcharts blog looked at US weather dataand the importance of explaining scales (which in this case went up to 118). Ultimately, it turns out that 118 is the rank of the data compared to the previous 117 years of data (in ascending order, so that 118 is the highest). At … Continue reading

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