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Box Me

Here’s a short R function I wrote to turn a long data set into a wide one for viewing. It’s not the most exciting function ever but I find it quite useful when my screen is wide and short. It simply cuts the data set horizontally into equal size pieces and puts them side by side. Lazy I know!

#'Turns an overly long data frame into something easier to look at
#' @param d A dataframe or matrix
#' @param nrow The number of rows you would like to see in the new dataframe
#' @examples
#' test.set<-data.frame(x=rnorm(100), y=rnorm(100))
#' boxMe(test.set, 18)
#' library(ggplot2)
#' boxMe(diamonds, 10)

boxMe<-function(d, nrow){
  # Number of rows and columns
  rem<-r %% nrow # Number of blank rows
  reps<-floor(r/nrow) # Number of folds
  s<-seq(1, reps*nrow, by=nrow) # Breaks
  box<-d[1:nrow,] # First col
  for (i in s[-1]){

    box<-cbind(box, ap)
  #Append remainder
  if (rem>0){
    null.block<-as.data.frame(matrix(rep(NA, (n.null.rows*c)), nrow=n.null.rows))
    last.block<-rbind(rem.rows, null.block)
    box<-cbind(box, last.block)



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About simonraper

I am an RSS accredited statistician with over 15 years’ experience working in data mining and analytics and many more in coding and software development. My specialities include machine learning, time series forecasting, Bayesian modelling, market simulation and data visualisation. As Data Scientist at Channel 4 my role is to develop machine learning solutions that allow the channel to build a deeper relationship with the viewer and innovate the way advertising is traded and work on supporting the creative side of the business. My current interests are in scalable machine learning (Mahout, Hadoop), interactive visualisatons (D3 and similar) and applying the methods of agile software development to analytics. I have worked for Mindshare, News International, Credit Suisse and AOL. I am co-author with Mark Bulling of Drunks and Lampposts - a blog on computational statistics, machine learning, data visualisation, R, python and cloud computing. It has had over 270 K visits and was mentioned in Flowing Data, I09, and the online editions of The New York Times and The New Yorker.



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